It is the only way to accurately know the soil pH and nutrient needs for your crop.

Soil Samples Are Free to Meade County Residents--Non-residents $6.00

Soil testing involves collecting samples of soil from your food plots, filling out a form describing your plans for the plot, and mailing the samples to a lab for analysis. Once the lab makes an appraisal of the soil, you will receive a soil sample report containing the soils deficiencies and recommendations to maximize its growing potential.

A soil probe can be checked out for use, along with bags to collect samples at  the Meade County Extension office between 8:00 a. m and 4:30 p.m.

Every year I hear farmers talking about amounts and kinds of fertilizers used on their hay and pasture fields.  Several people use the same amount and analysis per acre every year and never soil sample.   There are many good reasons for sampling the soil before applying fertilizer and or seed, but if no other reason you should soil sample to find out your soil’s pH.  The pH indicates the alkalinity or acidity of the soil.  When the soil is way to alkaline, rarely, or very acid, likely, plants cannot take up the proper amounts of nutrients.  Therefore, you can spread all the fertilizer you want but if the pH is not somewhat correct you may get little to no results from the fertilizer.

The cost of soil sampling right now the Meade County land owners is just your time and labor for collecting them.  One soil test per field is free.

Now is a great time to pull samples so that any lime that may be needed can be applied before spring green up.