Meade County Extension District Board

An organized sub-body of the County Extension Council created by the Meade County Fiscal Court. The District Board is a body corporate, serving as an agency of the State to manage the affairs of the Meade County Extension District, whose boundaries are coexistent with the boundaries of the County.


 Meade County Extension Council

Is an organized body of volunteer leaders that counsels with the Extension agents to help identify issues and community needs. The CEC gives support to develop and carry out educational programs that contribute to Meade County's social and economic development.

The Meade County Extension Council is made up of members representing each of the four Extension programs areas (Agriculture, Family & Consumer Sciences, 4-H/Youth Development, Community Development), plus the Extension District Board members and members of the Agricultural Foundation.




  The educative quality of the 4-H experience of an individual member is dependent upon the"volunteer adult leader."

Each of these descriptive words is important!

  1. Since the leader is a VOLUNTEER, he or she is motivated by a sincere interest in young people and a desire to assist in their development.
  2. As an ADULT, the leader provides mature philosophy and judgement in counsel and relationships with members.
  3. As a LEADER, he or she functions as a combination teacher and counselor.
  4. The relationship between a member and his or her leader is a unique relationship based upon the voluntary commitment of both.
  5. Adult leaders serve as POSITIVE ROLE MODELS and are critical to the program success.


Volunteers are critical to the 4-H program as their diversity, individuality and concern for others allows them the ability to "Make The Best Better."

  1. Organizational or Administrative - give guidance and direction to club members and parents. Leaders of community or school clubs.
  2. Project - major responsibility is assisting 4-H members with the 4-H projects.
  3. Activity - help sponsor and participate in special activities and events on the local, county, and state levels. Demonstrations, judging, public speaking, recreation.
  4. Resource - meet with a group for a specific purpose for perhaps only one or two meetings during the year.


Parents, relatives, your next door neighbor, church members teachers, business leaders. Everyone has something to offer to help.


  1. To give guidance and direction to club members and parents
  2. To provide guidance and direction for developing the club program
  3. To work with club officers and committees
  4. To develop and maintain community support
  5. To serve as a contact person for the community or Extension Office when requested
  6. To work with other leaders such as project and activity leaders
  7. Give overall direction to the County 4-H Program